Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interior - Hut

Sorting out the perspectives and starting to figure out lighting


Hi Alan, im kind of stuck on at this point on the component editor. no matter what joint i select it will not show on the component editor. it only shows the last joint on the finger. The above image is an example of the problem. Ive got the middle joint 1 and pinky joint 1 selected but only the last joint shows up on the component editor. Any idea what could be causing this.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

@Alan New Script Direction

After some thought we have decided to revise our script and revamp it due to the slowing of our progress. The new idea contains the ideologies of modern society in that the rich make it impossible for the poor to make any income and sustain themselves. We have integrated this into out new story and are using our two characters to portray the poor end of society and the wealthy conglomerates of today.

New Script v.2

Art Direction

Taken on what allen had suggested for our art direction, as a group we gathered some inspiration to help our project move farword.This limitaion could be our driving force in order to get things going.

Plot Summary

To bring back the focus on the poverty aspect how about this for an opening…

Light source; lantern outside of an expensive looking building full of colour and light, slowly zooms out and suddenly pans to a small broken shack, dull and dark. A slow zoom towards the shack fades to a pan of the room inside. Across the walls are pictures of gold and alchemy notes, camera then focuses on the back of a work bench, bringing into view Liang sitting on his chair mixing his ingredients in a deep cauldron.

Tao peeps up from the right side of the table, only revealing the top half of his head, and then slowly sinks back down out of shot. Then appearing suddenly from the left of the shot peering over the shoulder of Liang as he works on the experiment.
Liang distracted by Tao and his movements abruptly slaps Tao back out of the shot, and returns to the mixing of the ingredients.

Tao then appears at the bottom right of the shot walking slowly towards Liang, whilst carrying a crate of ingredients for him
Liang gets hold of the crates and pulls it towards him. Tao reacts and pulls the crates back, for a final pull Tao ends ups using too much strength as he pulls both Liang and grates with off the set (Stage Right) knocking down his chair. Liang comes back in the set because of his unfortunate height the audience only sees his head moving as the table is covering the rest of his body. Laing pulls up his chair and hops on and goes back to work.

Tao comes in the shot from stage right stands next to Liang. Slowly pulls out a feather in the direction of Laing ears. Liang in return pulls out a broom and smacks toe. Tao dizzily goes off stage right, comes back still out of balance and exits stage left.
Tao comes in the shot taps Liang and points out indicating someone waiting for him. Liang hops of his chair and walks of set. With Liang away Tao adds another component to the mix. Liang comes back in the shot hands raised calling down ta

Tao responding to Liang’s command bends over to see what he wants. Liang’s hand then appears from the table dragging him down under the table.

Whilst the characters are off stage and fighting the camera begins to focus on the cauldron which is bubbling and hissing due to the added ingredients. Liang and Tao’s heads appear from beneath the table, both glancing at the cauldron then back at each other, with panic stricken faces as the cauldron explodes.

Art Style

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Premise and Storyline

Two men are trying to create a medicine in hope of curing the illness that plagues few of the villagers, but despite their good intentions they are met with a terrible fate.

Act 1
Two alchemists are researching into the properties of ingredients, in their possession, to determine the formula for making the medicine. Various ingredients suggest that they are volatile when met under certain conditions. Liang, the more intellectual and wiser alchemist, determines the formula and undergoes the alchemy process immediately. Tao, the physically capable yet dimmer alchemist, is at a loss as he waits for instructions from Liang.

Act 2
Whilst Liang is hard at work trying to produce the medicine, Tao becomes irritable as he fiddles and plays with the various instruments and tools on display. Liang finds it hard to focus and concentrate on the delicate matter, so he tugs on Tao's clothes to try to bring his sense just how delicate the matter is. As Liang goes back to the workbench, to continue, Tao  desires to become involved and help so he begins to peer and lean over his partner's shoulder. Liang continues to ignore Tao, focusing on the alchemy process, however Tao taps on Liang's shoulder causing him to shield his work, in response. 

Feeling dismissed, Tao walks away from Liang, giving him the space he desired. Tao ponders what he can do and sees a broom lying on the wall, so he decides that he will clean up. Liang, close to finally producing the medicine, calls to Tao for help. Tao looks up sharply, and Liang points towards the crates that contain the final ingredient necessary. Tao begins to walk over promptly, dropping the broom where he currently stands.

Act 3
Tao picks up the two crates, which block his line-of-sight, and begins making his way over towards Liang. Liang places the mixture on the table, as he awaits the final ingredient. Unaware of the broom that was dropped in his eagerness, Tao trips over which propel the crates forward. A crate shunts Liang, who in turn causes the mixture to fly towards the open fire, and another crate that contains a quantity of the highly volatile ingredient is also heading towards the open fire. Upon impact of the components, an explosion occurs. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


A comical reference to Who Framed Roger Rabbit? as the opening scene of the movie is a desired direction. It's an example of the typical "Tom and Jerry" skit, but with the additional craziness on top.

Similar to the effect as the first clip, this is rather 'isolated' from others. Mickey Mouse is really the only character in the scene, excluding the animated objects, yet causes complete havoc in a way that is worth exploring for our project.

Thursday, 11 October 2012



Chain reaction
Liang sends Tao to collect an ingredient for the mix, (colour specific?)
Tao brings back a ingredient of the wrong colour,
Liang shakes head and sends Tao back.
Tao throws the wrong ingredient s over his head which land on an old shelf
Tao brings another wrong ingredient s, and again Liang shakes his head and sends him back.
Tao then throws the second ingredient s over his head which hits the bracket on the shelf, causing it to slant.
Final- Again Tao brings a wrong ingredient s, throws overhead, hitting a bowl,
Contents of the bowl fly out, rolls down the slanted shelf and towards an open vial next to Liang.
The vial is knocked over and the contents fall into the bowl. Causing explosion

Conflict of intrest
Liang wants to create gold. Tao wants to make medicine instead.
Liang says no, and begins to make gold.
Tao is upset and so tries to put his recipe into the same bowl as Liang, slipping ingredient s, in when Liang is not looking. [Causes a distraction to occupy Liang] [Tao switches Liang’s Vials]
Tao continues to switch ingredient s and distract Liang, adding more ingredients.
Close up of the mix as it starts to bubble and smoke due to the combination of ingredient s.
The final time Tao adds a different ingredients. And this causes the explosion.

Tom and Jerry effect
{Both take part in distracting each other in order to put their own ingredient s. Into one pot each time they try to outdo each other, for example a bigger distraction each time}

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Story Structure

After the feed back from the group meeting today we now seem to have a good grasp on our story idea and from this structure can build onto a script and story-boards

Monday, 1 October 2012

Gunpowder, A basic Explination


Linking Past to Present: Gunpowder

The invention of gunpowder led to technological advances that have made a huge impact upon life today, and will continue to into the future. Creating a bridge between the Dark Ages and the present can help to generate context within our animation, helping to create a deeper meaning by providing themes and sub contexts to weave into the narrative.

As a weapon, gunpowder proved to be a massive technological advantage in war, despite the fact that its creation was an accidental bi-product of a quest to find the elixir of life or immortality. In China, the period of 800-900 AD falls within the Tang Dynasty, a time when China was constantly under threat from opposing powers, fighting for rule over the land and its resources. The rudimentary gunpowder proved to be a powerful weapon, keeping invaders at bay. The ideals of war during this time were very simple, power; land and resource, a constant battle for domination as the empire with the most assets stand the best chance of survival.

Over the years, gunpowder had developed as a weapon into the incredible devices used in the military today, but have the ideals of war developed as well. Take for instance the war currently happening in Iraq, full of controversy and sceptical reasoning. The war is officially branded a “fight against terrorism” and to certain extent that is true, however can it be said that this is not also a war for land, resources or power. The ideals of this war can easily be connected to those of the Dark Ages where the greater power is the one that is more technologically advanced. Basic weapons such as bows and arrows would be inferior to the explosive power of gunpowder, just like a disorganised military would be inferior to an organised, well equipped and financed military.

By focusing on the issues that are present today as a direct influence of the invention of gunpowder, we can begin to create depth to the narrative of our animation. Using the innocence that suffers today and representing that through the elixir of life, or taking the underlying reason of war and denoting that through the creation of gunpowder.

I will continue to try to generate ways in which we can link the Dark Ages with modern times in order to hook the audience of our animation on a deeper and more emotional level, in all creating an animation which is contextually rich.

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Pixel Reign Studio Is Born!

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Pixel Reign. A small animation studio comprised of four students from UCA Rochester studying (Ba Hons) CG Arts & Animation. Together we are working to create a short animation based around the theories of narrative structure.

To do this, we have been given a specific time period on which to focus our animation, The Middle Ages or Dark Ages (800-900 AD).  Be sure to follow each of our personal blogs for more information, all of which will soon be brought onto this official Pixel Reign blog!

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