Sunday, 21 October 2012

Premise and Storyline

Two men are trying to create a medicine in hope of curing the illness that plagues few of the villagers, but despite their good intentions they are met with a terrible fate.

Act 1
Two alchemists are researching into the properties of ingredients, in their possession, to determine the formula for making the medicine. Various ingredients suggest that they are volatile when met under certain conditions. Liang, the more intellectual and wiser alchemist, determines the formula and undergoes the alchemy process immediately. Tao, the physically capable yet dimmer alchemist, is at a loss as he waits for instructions from Liang.

Act 2
Whilst Liang is hard at work trying to produce the medicine, Tao becomes irritable as he fiddles and plays with the various instruments and tools on display. Liang finds it hard to focus and concentrate on the delicate matter, so he tugs on Tao's clothes to try to bring his sense just how delicate the matter is. As Liang goes back to the workbench, to continue, Tao  desires to become involved and help so he begins to peer and lean over his partner's shoulder. Liang continues to ignore Tao, focusing on the alchemy process, however Tao taps on Liang's shoulder causing him to shield his work, in response. 

Feeling dismissed, Tao walks away from Liang, giving him the space he desired. Tao ponders what he can do and sees a broom lying on the wall, so he decides that he will clean up. Liang, close to finally producing the medicine, calls to Tao for help. Tao looks up sharply, and Liang points towards the crates that contain the final ingredient necessary. Tao begins to walk over promptly, dropping the broom where he currently stands.

Act 3
Tao picks up the two crates, which block his line-of-sight, and begins making his way over towards Liang. Liang places the mixture on the table, as he awaits the final ingredient. Unaware of the broom that was dropped in his eagerness, Tao trips over which propel the crates forward. A crate shunts Liang, who in turn causes the mixture to fly towards the open fire, and another crate that contains a quantity of the highly volatile ingredient is also heading towards the open fire. Upon impact of the components, an explosion occurs. 

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