Thursday, 18 October 2012


Draft 01

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  1. Ok, a few notes

    1) I'm confused. You had a core theme that has now disappeared - The accidental invention of fireworks and the idea that two poor people accidentally become rich whilst failing to get rich quick (make gold). That isn't in your script now. Instead it's a series of gags but without the driving force?

    2) Remember this project is also about saying something (your opinion) about the period you were given. You've chosen a place, a time, an invention, and comedy theme but what is the point you are making? What is at the heart of this animation? What is your core message?

    Other groups core messages:

    War never gets resolved.
    Child labour was bad / sad.
    Religion & Science can co-exist.
    The fear of atomic destruction is harmful in itself.
    Paranioa of identity theft.
    Life and nature always find a way.