Thursday, 25 October 2012

@Alan New Script Direction

After some thought we have decided to revise our script and revamp it due to the slowing of our progress. The new idea contains the ideologies of modern society in that the rich make it impossible for the poor to make any income and sustain themselves. We have integrated this into out new story and are using our two characters to portray the poor end of society and the wealthy conglomerates of today.

New Script v.2

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  1. Allen = Alan

    Question - What does the audience learn from watching this animation? At the moment not a lot. It's a 'Good he's dead and now I'm rich' story. Not a great message.

    Perhaps you should think more 'redemption' via co-operation. So two brothers and two cauldrons who won't share ingredients, only when they share (by accident via a spillage) they see the error of their ways and get rich.